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Design part in software development

Design. There are a lot of kinds of Design but actually I don’t want to talk, at least not yet about the design from the technological part.

I am talking first of all about the design from the product side. The “product management” have to define and understand the

  1. requirements – what problem is going to be address and solved.
  2. users – who are the users for the new product, who are going to be the early adapters
    1. hardware – which hardware, mobile devices if t’s an app, what kind of tv’s or any other kind of hardware that those users are using in general.
    2. destination – where are the users located on the globe. Localisation and culture of the locations is very important. It’s not just about translating the software is also about adapting it to the relevant culture. Spanish that is spoken in Spain is different than the one in US and in Argentina or in other places.

Of course not all the questions will have answers and that’s fine, but those questions have to be written down and those have to be in front of the product managers so they will try to get answers as soon as possible. Sometimes those answers can change dramatically the way that the product is developed. It can create changes in the deployment and even in the choosen technologies…

To be continued…

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